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PEGylation Chemistry Info
  • Example 1
    PEG-SS (succinimidyl succinate) pegylates amine groups wuder conditions by forming amide bond. The ester linkage in the backbone is susceptible to hydroltic cleavage.
  • Example 2
    PEG-SC (succinimidyl Glutarate) pegylates amine groups of the target compound. The PEG-SG mat be more resistant to hydrolsis than the PEG-SS because of an additional CH2 chain.
  • Example 3
    PEG-NPC (p-nitropheny carbonates) is also reactive toward amines, and forms a stable urethane linkage
  • Example 4
    PEG-isocyanate is also a useful derivative for pegylation of amine groups resultiong in a stable srethane linkage.
  • Example 5
    PEG-aldehyde may pegyate amines through sodium cyanborohydride reduction. The reaction pH may ba important target selctivity, and N-terminal amine pegylation may at around pH5.